Alright here’s the dealio— I might have talked to you once or twice this year and I might have claimed you as my own. You might not be on here because you keep changing your URL and I’ve no way to keep track of who you are anymore. Goddamnit, I love all the people I follow anyway. You might be really useful in engineering or communications or something— the latter of which I’m not so sure I can do… ever. So as of now, you’re my crew. Because I’m the captain. Of the USS Enterprise. If you make gifs, you’re a red shirt, and in which case, good luck. x

A: adamwarlock; areyoutryingtodeduceme; avengersgangbang; 

BC: battleroyales; bropunzeling; caroldanvrs;  

DEFG: endquestionmark; 

HIJK: hanniballecters; iadler; ironmans; jessepnkman; keptyn; 

LMN: leepace; leonardmccoyd; lestrade; marioncotillard; 

OPQ: olivesnook; pacificwolf; peelace; porcelain;

RST: robertdowneyjr; robertkazinsky; saulgoodmans; seidrs; theongreyjoy;

WXYZ: wednesdaydreams; whitelaws; zacharyq

Gaius, out.

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